Permanent Green Light

Friday, February 8, 2019, 7:30 pm
Civic Center Studios

207 S. Broadway, Suite 1
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Both filmmakers in attendance!
Post-screening performance by Puce Mary!

Dennis Cooper + Zac Farley, Permanent Green Light, HD video, French with English subtitles, 91min., 2018

Roman wants to die. To be erased completely, to explode. Like his inspiration, a child whose disappearance rendered him an utter void in the memory of others. Permanent Green Light is the second feature collaboration between queer novelist and poet Dennis Cooper and visual artist Zac Farley. Roman’s detachment towards this mortal end game becomes a rootless ideological topic as his friends and peers encircle him in his French suburban enclave, exacting in hypnotic exchanges that echo the mundane lyricism of Cooper’s SoCal literary vernacular.

Zac Farley is a French/American filmmaker, visual artist, and writer. He studied fine arts at California Institute of the Arts and Northwestern University. With Dennis Cooper, he co-wrote and directed the feature films Like Cattle Towards Glow (2015) and Permanent Green Light (2018). He is currently co-writing a television series for ARTE to be directed by Gisele Vienne and beginning work on his third feature film collaboration with Cooper, Room Temperature. He lives in Paris.

Dennis Cooper is the author of eleven novels and numerous books of poetry and non-fiction. His most recent novels are The Marbled Swarm (2012), Zac's Haunted House (2015) and Zac's Freight Elevator (2016), the latter two first-of-their-kind novels composed entirely of animated gifs. In addition to his ongoing film collaborations with Zac Farley, he has written the works of French theater director and choreographer Gisele Vienne since 2004. He lives in Paris and Los Angeles.