Vitreous Chamber

, 4:00 pm
Echo Park Film Center

1200 North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Co-presented with Los Angeles Filmforum

Vitreous Chamber is the audio/visual project of Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill. Collaborating since 2014, they make experimental 16mm films and analogue videos with electronic musical scores. Visceral and cacophonous, their work traverses gritty landscapes of abandoned buildings, blast zones, and back rooms. They burn 16mm film, smear Vaseline on camera filters, and hand-build A/V machinery.

Nathan Hill, DickHole, Analogue to Digital Video, 6.5 minutes, 2018
Malic Amalya, FlyHole, 35mm Slides to Digital Video, 6 minutes, 2017
Nathan Hill, Post-Mundane Sludge, Analogue to Digital Video, 5 minutes, 2020
Malic Amalya, Song for Rent, After Jack Smith, 16mm, 7 minutes, 2019
Malic Amalya & Max Garnet, Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow, 16mm, 11 minutes, 2012
Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill, Vaseline, 16mm, 6 minutes, 2016
Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill, Towards the Death of Cinema, 16mm Performance with Live Sound, 30 minutes, 2014/2020

Malic & Nathan co-direct, as well as provide critical assistance for the other's individually directed projects. They have been artists-in-residence at Signal Culture in upstate New York and are currently Affiliate Artists at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California. Their work has screened widely, including in Light Field (San Francisco), Onion City (Chicago), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Portland Museum of Art (Portland, OR), Queer Arts Festival (Vancouver), Melbourne Queer Film Festival, MIX Copenhagen, Scottish Queer Film Festival (Glasgow), and EXiS Festival (Seoul). Their film Vaseline is distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinema in Paris. Malic holds an MFA in Film from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MA in History & Theory of Contemporary Art from the San Francisco Art Institute of Chicago; he is a faculty member at CCA and CCSF. Malic & Nathan live in Oakland, CA.