Sesión Continua NYC

Sunday, October 1, 2017, 12:00 am
Video Revival

346 Rogers Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Sesión Continua
a 24-hour porn theatre
Admission $12

Dirty Looks returns to New York with our most popular L.A. event – Sesión Continua! Part marathon screening, part installation, our 24-hour porn theatre works to recall the queer porn storefronts that proliferated our city before the advent of home video. From midnight Friday through midnight Saturday, Dirty Looks will screen classic works of gay and lesbian erotica in “sesión continua”-style: no schedules, no set attendance times. Slip in and out or stay a while, come together to witness a public approach towards explicit cinema that blended avant-garde film forms with another industry’s titillating requirements.

Sesión Continua will take place at Video Revival, a 25-seat theater and organization dedicated to film and the arts in Central Brooklyn. We want to convey the intimacy and appetites that animated storefront porn theaters pre-Giuliani, with a limited seating that calls for closeness and an extended program that lubricates the flow of audiences into the theater.

Assembling an array of largely pre-VHS pornographic titles, from Gay Hardcore to Lezspoitation, Dirty Looks has worked with Vinegar Syndrome and Curse of Cherifa in selecting titles that queer and diversify gay pornography’s oft-limited lens of focus. Keeping true to originary programming models of sex cinemas of the late 1960s, the programming will promiscuously alternate between XXX works and avant-garde fair, then considered too personal or tempestuous for standard cinema screens. The project was originally devised by DL creative director, Bradford Nordeen, with Clara Lopez Menendez in 2015 and was previously staged in Los Angeles at Machine Projects (2015, 2016) and Son of Semele (2017).

Join us for this very special Dirty Looks screening. Come early, come late, come and leave or come and stay. “Need we say X???”