Dirty Looks: Kembra Pfahler

Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 8:00 pm
The Kitchen

519 West 19th Street
New York NY 10011


Kembra Pfahler, Cowboy Stories, super8 on DV, 11:40, 1986
Kembra Pfahler, Cornella Intro, VHS, :41 seconds
Kembra Pfahler, Cornella; The Story of a Burning Bush, super8 on DV, 6:25min., 1985
Jack Waters + Peter Cramer, Blade Runner Song (from Naked Eye Cinema), SD video, 4min.
Steve Doughton, Mr. Twilight, super8 on DV, 3:48min., 1992
Richard Kern, Sewing Circle super8, 7:44min., 1992
Mike Kuchar, Blue Banshee, SD video, 14:50min., 1994
Annie Sprinkle, Amazing World Of [excerpt], SD video, 1:39min., 1995/2007
Steve Doughton, Ferrum 5000, 16mm on HD video, 15:59min., 1995
Simeon Soffer, Chopsley: Rabid Bikini Model, 3min., 1999
TVHKB, Wall of Vagina, 3:24min., c. 2002
IFC TV, I Believe in Halloween, 11min., 2007
Kembra Pfahler, Trilogy of Teri, super8 on DV, 9:50min., c. 1987
Kembra Pfahler, Soldier of Female, HD video, 4:04min., 2017

Through her ongoing project, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Kembra Pfahler has been performing since the late 1980s in museums, galleries, and clubs the world over. The Kitchen welcomes back Dirty Looks, the bi-coastal platform for queer experimental film, video and performance, for an unprecedented program of cinematic arcana and voluptuous horrors. From the beginnings of her practice through to recently produced material, Pfahler and her illustrious collaborators will present a harrowing evening, sure to bring back the night.