Thursday, July 23 | 8PM
Gregg Araki, The Doom Generation, 35mm, 83min., 1995
Anthology Film Archives | 32 2nd Avenue

Hit the road with Jordan White, Amy Blue, and Xavier Red, when a couple of angst-fueled teenagers rescue a wayfaring stranger from a gang of homophobic goons (played by Skinny Puppy). After a pit stop at a quickie mart turns homicidal, these lovers on the lamb are forced to coast through the candy colored hell of New Queer Cinema auteur Gregg Araki's first "heterosexual film." Former lovers emerge - challenging Amy's claims of virginity - and ensue in hot pursuit of these lusty ones. Blending his early Godardian formal approaches with an MTV flair for blood, guts, and stunt casting (including Margaret Cho, Porno For Pyro's Perry Farrell, Heidi Fleiss, and former cast members of the Love Boat, The Brady Bunch and Herbie, the Love Bug) Araki's Doom Generation is the penultimate midnight movie of the 90s, a total cult sensation and the central installment in Araki's Teen Apocalypse Trilogy. There just is no place for us in the world...

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Curator: Bradford Noreen

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