Friends of On Location

Friends of On Location is a dynamic gathering of individuals who collectively ensure that this ambitious project is actualized to the caliber that befits our city’s LGBTQ legacies. With a starting donation of $250, we invite you to learn about this project and its many programmatic facets through our bi-monthly social gatherings leading up to the July launch of On Location. History is built communally. 

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Our friends include: Sasha Anawalt, Alex Black, David Courier, James Darrah, John Garry, Joseph Hankins, Justine Suzanne Jones, Brian Kaneda, Eric Kim, Michael Lannan, Molly Larkey, Deanna MacLellan, Anhie Nguyen, Tavia Nyong'o, Will Palley, Price Peterson, Christopher Racster, Zach Stafford, Samuel Vasquez, Jeannie Vaughn, Amy Von Harrington, Lenny Young and Kim Yutani.


To get involved via sponsorship, please get in touch with us at info[at]dirtylooksla.org