The Sex Garage and Finished
Wednesday, February 23rd, 8pm

Fred Halsted, The Sex Garage, 16mm on DVD, 1972
William E. Jones, Finished, 16mm, 1997

253 E. Houston St.
New York, NY 10002

William E. Jones has crafted a remarkable art career around pornography. Emerging in the mid-90s on the indie scene with the documentary Massillon, Jones’ second feature, Finished follows the filmmaker’s obsession with Quebecois porn star, Alan Lambert. Finished is as much about a viewer’s heated voyeurism as it is an account of the troubled actor - who committed public suicide in a misguided act of political defiance. After the film’s release, Jones took to working with historic porn footage, organizing massive archives for various collectors and institutions.

He emerged with a new subject: Fred Halsted, a 70s porntrepreneur who opened Halstead’s, a stand-and-fuck bar in Silverlake, ran the magazine Package, and directed experimental sex films like LA Plays Itself, A Night At Halstead’s and the short, The Sex Garage. Dirty Looks brings together these obsessions.