July 1, 7PM, A Most Unusual Film Festival (50th Anniversary of the first L.A. homosexual film festival) Dynasty Typewriter at The Hayworth 
July 2 7:30PM, Brontez Purnell’s Unstoppable Feat: The Dances of Ed Mock at Downtown Independent
July 3, 9PM, Mar Citlali & Fabian Guerrero at Plaza 
July 4, 5PM, Future Ladies of Wrestling at Moonlight Rollerway
July 5, 8PM, human bridge at Mota (formerly Circus  of Books, Silverlake) 
July 6, 8PM, The Masque (with Xina Xurner + Trap Girl) at World of Wonder
July 7, 9PM, CUFFS at Hyperion Tavern 
July 8, 3PM, Zackary Drucker: Hard to look at, REDCAT 
July 9, 9PM, Jewel’s Catch One at Union Nightclub 
July 10, 11AM – 11PM, Venus Flytrap at CineFile Video
July 11, 7:30PM, The Dark Side of Tomorrow at The Egyptian Theater
July 12, 8PM, Hustler White at The Studs Theatre
July 13, 9PM, Escandalos Angeles with sCUM at Club Chico 
July 14, 4PM - 2AM, Fred Halsted Retrospective at Eagle LA 
July 15, 7PM, A Peek inside Circus of Books: first look at the in-progress documentary, Circus of Books
July 16, 9PM, Queer Karaoke with Karen Tongson at The Other Door (formerly Moonshadow) 
July 17, 7PM, The Night Is Young at Mercado La Paloma
July 18, 7:30PM, Myra Breckenridge at The Black Cat
July 19, 9PM, Handbag Factory Rooftop Party 
July 20, 7PM, Oral Histories of Queer Resistance at LACE 
July 21, 4PM, The Pirate and MGM’s Freed Unit at Mandrake 
July 22, 9PM, Maya Deren 16mm Marathon Screening
July 23, 8PM, Laura Aguilar’s Plush Pony Series at the former site of Plush Pony 
July 24, 7:30PM, All About Alice at Echo Park Film Center 
July 25, 12PM – 2AM, The Hanged Man, 1971 at Bullet Bar 
July 26, 8PM, Tetsuo: The Iron Man rescored by Lauren Bousfield + Naomi Mitchell at Akbar 
July 27, 11:59PM, Gregg Araki’s Nowhere midnight screening at The Vista 
July 28, 8PM, The Obscured Sky, undoing (part of LA Freewaves’ AINT I A WOMXN festival) at Los Angeles State Historic Park 
July 29, 9PM, All the films of Xandra Ibarra at the former site of Redz 
July 30, 7:30PM, Queer Wikipedia-thon at Cuties Coffee 
July 31, 7PM, Tagame’s VHS Pornspiration, Tom of Finland Foundation