Thursday, July 2 | 6:30PM 
Daisy Von Scherler Mayer, Party Girl, 35mm on DVD, 94min., 1995
The New York Public Library - Seward Branch | 192 East Broadway

Say he-he-hello to Mary, a 23 year old with no real life goals but a bustling social life. When she’s rescued from the slammer by her librarian godmother, Mary takes a temporary gig as a clerk and falls down the rabbit hole of library sciences - never to return. The oft quoted comedy is a queer and cult staple, a snapshot of 1990s NYC nightlife and a boom in 90s independent filmmaking that helped to launch Posey’s career as the indie film darling. 

The screening will take place at The New York Public Library’s Seward Branch, where Party Girl was shot in 1995. The building houses adult, reference, and young adult collections, a children’s room and a literacy center on the lower level. Maintaining a trailblazing collection of queer books and holdings, the New York Public Library maintains regular public programming and exhibitions under the banner LGBT@NYPL.

Curator: Bradford Nordeen