On Location began in 2012 in the bars and community centers that fill New York City. Pitting screenings or performances in everyday spaces brought new life to the works, focusing on the social nature of art making in the city. But there were other stories to tell. On Location 2018 was organized by 13 local curators, artists and promoters, playing with venues and meeting places that defined queer life in Los Angeles: 31 spaces across the 31 days of July, charting a progression of culture(s) using one month’s time.

Ours is a distinct urban sprawl - there is no city that feels quite as diverse, vast or chaotic as L.A. We have also witnessed the erasure of many queer communal spaces, a byproduct of gentrification, apps and online culture or the AIDS crisis. Our festival celebrates thriving spaces while also paying homage to the lost lesbian bars, bookstores or significant storefronts from which political activism once erupted. Through fun summer screenings and shows featuring local musicians and artists, we look back to move forward with a deeper understanding.

The program will be selected from curator proposals narrowed down by the curatorial advisory committee, comprised of multi-faceted historians Ron Athey, Vaginal Davis, Jennifer Doyle + Lanka Tattersall.

Curatorial portraits by Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Website by Nathan Hauenstein. Print design by Virgil B/G Taylor. Map illustrated by Aimee Goguen