Saturday, March 20 12:00AM - 11:59PM
Sesión Continua: A porn theatre in Echo Park
Machine Project
1200 N Alvarado St.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

DL: Los Angeles – a series of public events across greater Los Angeles – takes back the streets - way, way back to a period when freely flowing reels of gay pornography filled back alley cinema screens. In a 24-hour long marathon-screening, DL: Los Angeles will show classic works of gay and lesbian erotica in “sesión continua”-style: no schedules, no set attendance times. Slip in and out or stay a while to witness a bygone approach towards explicit cinema that blended avant-garde film forms with other industry’s titillating requirements.

Sesión Continua will take place at Mystery Theater; a 17-seat, underground, vaudeville-style theater located in Machine Project’s basement. We want to convey the intimacy and appetites that animated original porn theaters like the Park Theatre or the Tomkat Complex, with a limited seating that calls for closeness and an extended program that lubricates the flow of audiences into the theater. 

We will be screening from midnight on Friday, March 20 to midnight Saturday 21: 24 hours of vintage classics and some experimental gems that will promiscuously alternate on the movie screen. 

Join us for this very special Dirty Looks screening. Come early, come late, come and leave or come and stay. 

"Need we say x???"

Featuring original signage by Robbie Acklen.