Dirty Looks NYC and The ONE Archives present
Wednesday November 20, 7PM + 9PM

Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Founded by John Dorr in 1979, EZTV was an artist-run space in West Hollywood dedicated to the presentation and production of alternative video projects. Perhaps the country’s first micro-cinema dedicated exclusively to video, EZTV’s early, predominately queer members produced numerous video projects from campy shorts to feature-length docs to experimental video installations. This screening presents videos from the archives of EZTV, part of the collections at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries in the first ever ONE event outside of Los Angeles! Selected by ONE curator David Frantz in collaboration with Bradford Nordeen of Dirty Looks NYC. 

(7PM) __Shorts from EZTV_

Including titles: John Dorr, Sudzall Does It All (excerpt), 1979; Jamie Walters, Louise Nevelson Takes a Bath, 1983; James Williams, Clear Canvas, 1984; Faculty Wives (excerpt); Vertical Blanking, I Thought This Is What You Wanted, 1989

(9PM) __Feature: Blonde Death_

James Dillinger, Blonde Death, video, 98 mins., 1984