Dirty Looks NYC + New Museum present:
Dynasty Handbag: The Transparent Trap, a Powerpointless Presentation
Thursday, September 26, 7PM

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

the latest Dynasty Handbag performance in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Professor Handbag reveals the details of selling her video short 'Eternal Quadrangle' (which premiered at the New Museum in 2011) to MOCAtv, along with an exposé of the compromises she made in so doing. The performance is also an exploration of the idea of artistic sellout and transparency at large, as well as the complications of trying to make money in order to continue creating noncommercial art in the US. DH will also present two new video pieces, 'Remote Penetration' (dir. Josef Kraska), starring DH as a superhero-drone that sings into a squash, and 'A Dream Is Not A Life' (dir. Hedia Maron), inspired by Beyoncé‘s biopic 'Life Is But A Dream.' There will also be some “singing” and “dancing,” D-bag style.

Dynasty Handbag: A Dream Is Not A Life, 2013
26 min
Directed by Hedia Maron
Written by Jibz Cameron and Hedia Maron
Produced by Jibz Cameron
Starring: Dynasty Handbag – Jibz Cameron; Sound Technician – Joe Landini; Surrogate Mom – Sue Slagle; Baby – Zoey Francis Slagle; Doug Brogan – Paul Costuros; Michelle Tea – as herself

Remote Penetration, 2013
7 min
Directed by Josef Kraska
Written and Performed by Jibz Cameron
Produced by Jibz Cameron
Camera Editing and Animation by Josef Kraska
Original Sound Recording by Jibz Cameron
Costume Design by Hayden Dunham
Production Assistance by Eryk Aughenbaugh *with special appearance by Calvin Cole Matthews